Is it possible to think about the future without our Planet? Here at SILICONITON we believe that if we want to grow as a company, we need to take into account our impact on Earth. Due to that, our goal for the future is to reduce, by any (scientific) means and by any tool, our impact. To guarantee future generations a nice place to grow and live.
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Our Green Commitment

Rubber is not green, that’s for sure.
But we have our way to turn the production method of rubber components into green; this is what we call “our green commitment”. These are some of the main points we pay attention to.

By pursuing these sustainability targets, our company can demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility, reduce our environmental footprint, and contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly operation.

Reduction of Carbon Footprint

This target focuses on minimizing the environmental impact of our rubber component production by reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2).

Achieving this goal may involve adopting energy-efficient technologies, sourcing renewable energy, optimizing transportation, and implementing practices to reduce energy consumption and emissions.

Reduction of Water Consumption

This target aims to decrease the amount of water used in our manufacturing processes. Water conservation efforts can include recycling and reusing water, implementing water-efficient equipment, and improving processes to minimize water wastage.

Reducing water consumption helps conserve this precious resource and lowers operational costs.

Proper Waste Sorting

This target centers on responsible waste management. It involves correctly segregating and disposing of waste generated during production. This may include recycling materials, composting organic waste, and ensuring hazardous waste is handled and disposed of safely.

Proper waste sorting contributes to both environmental sustainability and regulatory compliance.

Training and Awareness

This target focuses on educating and raising awareness among our employees and stakeholders about sustainability issues and best practices. Training programs and communication campaigns can help ensure that everyone in our organization understands the importance of sustainability and how they can contribute to achieving our environmental goals.

Curious fact: discovering glaciers around us

The glaciers in the northern region of Italy, including the Ghiacciao dei Forni, are experiencing a concerning trend of gradual disappearance. These once-majestic ice masses have been receding at an alarming rate due to rising global temperatures. This phenomenon is a stark reminder of the pressing issue of climate change.

To better comprehend the changes and assess their impacts on the environment, a small group of people of our Company, as part of a team building and awareness project, embarked on a trekking expedition to visit this glacier. Through extensive fieldwork, we aim to gain deeper insights into the factors driving glacier retreat, evaluate the consequences on local ecosystems, water resources, and regional climate patterns, and contribute to the broader understanding of climate change effects in this vulnerable region.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability extends beyond our operations, as we strive to play an active role in addressing the critical challenges posed by a warming planet.