Where do we come from
and where we are now.


To create strong connections between ideas and the world.


Our mission is helping our Customers to find the best technical solution for the connection they want to install with the world.
From O-rings, to gaskets, to technical items: we want to find the best way to connect different parts together, creating strong and durable connections that will last for years, as our relationships with our Customers.

Siliconiton values

We aim to build strong and healthy connections, unleash passion in everyday work and guarantee our well-known quality. We can do it. Together. These are not just words. This is our strong commitment.


Flexibility - Engine - Friendly - Inclusive - Young - Dynamic - Training


Sustainability - Commitment - Future generation - Carbon emission - Small Steps - Science Reel


Investments - Interaction - Automation - R&D - Digitalisation - KnowHow