Our compounds


It’s our core business!
Fluoroelastomers are mainly used in those fields of application that require high chemical and physical resistance.

We have a wide range of FKM compounds that cover the most different specifications required by the market.


HNBR has a good resistance to high temperatures (+150 C) and an excellent chemical resistance, similar to NBR, with which it shares a good part of its molecules.
HNBR is widely used in the automotive industry.


If compared to VMQ it has a higher mechanical strength, but a lower temperature resistance.
It is used in those applications where there are contacts with petrol and solvents.


Silicon has an excellent resistance to high temperatures.
This material also offers excellent insulation from electrical conductivity.



The EPDM is a synthetic rubber with strong resistance to atmospheric agents, heat, low temperatures and chemical agents, it has a good elasticity.
In addition, like VMQ, it offers good electrical insulation.


(Etilene-Acrilato/Poliacrilato o VAMAC)

This type of compound is a good alternative to the EPDM; depending on the formulation it could also have advantageous prices.