O-RINGS-FOR-MARINE-MOTORSSealings for marine motors are one of Siliconiton’s core businesses; in fact they represent about 25% of the annual turnover. This type of gasket must be manufactured with special high performance compounds, able to last, resisting to the corrosion, basically from the dried salt present in the environment. Our compound suppliers are able to formulate materials, which are characterized by a low degree of humidity absorption.

In addition to the above mentioned requirements, ships are affected by almost the same problems of the automotive sector. In fact, also in their motors flow many fluids like oils and diesel fuels, that have a high corrosive potential and work at high temperatures. For this reason, O-Rings must be manufactured with raw materials, that resist to these strenuous conditions; the quality rate required by this sector is the ISO Norm 3601 and our firm is able to respect it, even if we are talking about very large sizes (up to 1500mm of internal diameter), due to the huge motors that are used by the ocean liners.