O-RINGS-FOR-HYDRAULICSMany types of gasket find application in this sector. In fact, this is the reason why, they have been invented in 1882 by Thomas Alva Edison, who patented a water-cock that was making use of some O-Rings. If we talk about hydraulics, we mainly consider household electrical appliances, like washing machines and dishwashers, but also aqueducts and water pipelines. As regards the contact with water, it is important to use materials not much resistant to high and low temperatures, but rather high pressures; furthermore, it is important to use compounds that do not pollute the environment and, especially for what concerns the drinking water, also homologated by WRAS, the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme, which an international set of requirements, that every part in contact with it must respect.

Even hydraulic systems of ships and aircrafts can be included in this field, as to drive these “giants”, it is necessary to use a heavy force to move their big control surfaces, like ailerons and rudders, and this is possible thanks to the fluids, that flow at high pressure in their hydraulic circuits, which can be assured only with the use of O-Rings along the pipes.