GASKETS-FOR-AUTOMOTIVEAutomotive sector represents a very extended field of applications, but allows Siliconiton to offer an as much wide range of articles, in accordance with the Customer’s requirements. Difficult conditions, in which the gaskets must work, according to the seat in which they are placed, compel to use high performance materials. Requirements demanded by these applications are almost related to the capacity to resist at large temperature leaps (from -60°C to +300°C), oils, additives, fuels and electric conduction. In some cases, there are gaskets used to protect something against the dust. At the opposite end, we can also find sealings that must not respect high performance requirements, but just facilitates the use of cars, making it even comfortable and pleasant, among which we can mention the vibrations dampers. We are able to manufacture high quality O-Rings, respecting all the grades of ISO Norm 3601, and technical items for every car system, among them there are fuel injectors, air intake and braking systems. This means that we have a very large array of compounds, that allows us to choose each time the best one, according to the “sealing problem” that we are requested to solve.