FKM-GASKETSSealings with O-cross-section are the most employed type in many fields, due to their simple moulding process and the fact, that can be mounted, into their seat, in an automatic way, at high speed. They are regulated by the norm n°3601 of International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which states the standard O-Ring sizes and the correlated tolerances. Non-standard rings are also foreseen, as well as their tolerancing ranges. Their birth dates back to 1882 with a water-cock patent by Thomas Edison, which discovered that this type of sealing shape could take a big advantage from the Law of Hydrostatics of Blaise Pascal; in practice, pressure exerted wherever in a confined fluid is transmitted equally and in all directions throughout the fluid; in this way, every squared millimeter of the gasket generates sealing force and the higher is the pressure exerted by the housing, the higher is this force.

Their significant growth and development started in the 30’s, when synthetic rubber was discovered and opened a window onto the most diverse applications, that today are still in place.

Among other materials, FKM, due to its exceptional quality, is one of the few, which are suitable for internal combustion and jet engines applications, for their high resistance against corrosion of fuels and oils.